Reflections on the future of automated driving safety homologation/certification have been very active recently, based on the general consensus that existing validation approaches have to be significantly modified. At the United Nation level, a dedicated group has been set up on Automated and Connected Vehicles named VMAD (WP29/GRVA/VMAD). At the EU level, the Commission has launched a working group on the future of approvals approaches, led by the Joint Research Center.

This paper, presented at VMAD meeting on January 2020, is a French contribution to on-going reflections on automated driving safety homologation/certification. It has been written by experts from the French authorities in charge of vehicle regulation and transports, in concertation with the French automated driving eco-system, i.e. “France Véhicules Autonomes”. Though this concertation is still on going, so that this document is still a draft, it provides some background to feed ongoing reflections on new homologation/certification approaches and try to cover as many Automated Driving Systems types (e.g. Traffic Jam Chauffeur Level 3, Urban Shuttle L4, Valet Parking L4 etc) as possible.

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